MG_7422_Edit_LR-150x150Today we have a guest post from the lovely Jo Middleton. Read more from Jo on her very funny Mummy Blog, Slummy Single Mummy. Jo has been blogging since 2009, has won a few awards and has two daughters, 19 and 12. As well as writing her blog she also offers training and marketing services to small businesses.

Spring has sprung! Hoorah!

The weather has finally taken a turn for the better and the last few days have been spent day dreaming about lying in the grass, listening to the sounds of children playing, (albeit it at a suitable distance), and sipping on summer cocktails.

It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to be outdoors all of the time and yet every good parent knows that you can’t enjoy a family day out in the summer without being prepared. Seriously, nobody wants the tranquility shattered by squawking children; “I’m hungry! I’m too cold! I’m too hot!” Not cool.

In the spirit of parental solidarity then, I’ve picked out four of my favourite things from the PinkBox Boutique range that I think might help your family day out be less likely to end in tears. (Your own, as you sob quietly in the beach toilets, wondering why you bother.)

IMG_1666-x-300-150x150A Packed Lunch

I remember when I was little, going to stay with my Gran and Grandad at their house in Weymouth. When my Grandad went off to work, my Gran would pack up a picnic for us and we’d head to the beach. My Gran would take a selection of treats for me and a packet of rich tea fingers and a thermos of gin and tonic for herself. That’s my kind of picnic.

If you want to make actual sandwiches though, I recommend something simple like cheese that won’t get too soggy or stale. Liven them up with a dollop of Rosie’s Relish.

A Stylish and Spacious Bag

Because you need something to put the sandwiches in right? You might also want a book or some knitting or something, (it’s very cool now you know, not just for grannies,) so that when the children become engrossed for hours in nature, (we can dream…), you’ll have something to do.UnionJack_Mono_Large-500x500-150x150

I like this Mafana Union Jack raffia basket – perfect for strolling through the sand dunes looking cool and calm.

A Backpack for the Kids

Picture the scene…

You’re ready to leave for a fun day out and your four year old arrives in the hall. “I’ve chosen the toys I want to take,” Cole Ladybird Backpackthey say, dumping a mountain of teddies, books and musical instruments on the floor.

“That’s lovely darling,” you say. “Unfortunately I don’t have any room left in my Mafana Union Jack raffia basket because of all the gin, but you’re very welcome to take as much as you can fit into your ladybird backpack as long as you don’t mind carrying it.”

A Scarf

I know what you’re thinking, it’s hardly an essential is it? Bare with me. A light scarf is an extremely handy thing to have with you on a family day out because it’s so versatile – pop it around your shoulders when you forget the sun cream, offer it up to your kids when they complain of being cold, (despite it being positively tropical), rig up a bit of shade with it when you get too hot – the possibilities are endless! They hardly take up any space either, double win.
Seashore Design ScarfI like the seashore design; even if it rains and you end up eating your cheese sandwiches in the car you can take it out and look at it and pretend you’re on the beach.

What are your family day out essentials for summer?

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