The summer holidays are coming to an end. August has morphed into September. The kids are going back to school and autumn is just around the corner. Can you feel it? This is the time we start to consider our autumn wardrobe. The nights are definitely drawing in.We are blowing the dust of our candles and we are digging out our boots and socks. We are checking our slippers for spiders (and the spiders are making themselves at home in our homes). That feeling you get as the season is changing. When our cooking changes and we crave comfort food. When our need to snuggle up, to turn the lights on and we get the urge to light a candle. It’s all hygge!

Hygge is a Danish word which describes a feeling and a way of life. Hygge is about the things that bring light, comfort and happiness to the Danes when the hours of daylight reduce and they spend more of their days in darkness. Whether we’d call it Hygge or not, I think us Brits feel it too!

September is not an end…it’s a beginning. The beginning of our preparation for *whispers* Christmas. But it’s also a time for focusing on other things like thinking positively, setting achievable goals, de-stressing and feeling the love! One last push before the end of the year. You might start Autumn cleaning and preparing our home for the colder months. You might start picking out new soft furnishings to make your rooms more cosy – you’ve got it….it’s all Hygge.

Jemma and I were in our shop in Devizes, chatting about all things Hygge and we realised that pretty much everything we do at PinkBox is Hygge. Candles, not just any candles and never just the one. Try grouping clean burning beeswax or soy wax candles by colour and/or fragrance to create ambience. Revamp your sock drawer and try a pair of Bamboo socks. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, bamboo socks are sustainable and will keep your toes toastie in the cooler months. Artisan food for cooking and sharing with friends. Our range is free of artificial colours and ingredients. Whether you are cooking for one or for friends. Sharing food and spending time with friends is also very Hygge!

Hot chocolate and coffee, cakes and baking, making and crafting, snuggling up on the sofa and being cosy is all Hygge.

What about natural skincare to protect and rejuvenate. It won’t be long until the central heating goes on and that, as we all know, plays havoc with skin conditioning. Taking care of yourself and giving gifts of TLC is also very Hygge.


To find out more about Hygge we can recommend this lovely little book 

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