Well how can I ignore the fact that September is almost over, the schools are back, holidays are over & ‘the nights are drawing in!’

Funnily enough I was thinking about writing on this theme on the way home from work and a feature came on the radio with the chief medical officer for BUPA relaying some research about how people are depressed or low going back to work & entering this time of the year.

I want to dispel that thought & help you to make this time of the year sheer joy!  Did you know that autumn is in fact one of the best times to take up new hobbies, rekindle old ones, start catching up with friends again & recommitting to a fitness regime after the holiday ice creams!!!

Capitalising on the energy we have bottled from summer is a good time, before the winter really starts rolling in to develop new habits. It takes around 30 days for the brain to adopt a new practice as routine so that’s plenty of time to get in gear before the winter. Nature does it all the time and so can we.

69093_496243778168_3403322_n-e1411681250385So how about looking at what you might like to do in order to keep some stimulation in your life?

It might feel a tad early for planning Christmas but is there something that you always run out of time to do as it get near to Christmas that you can plan or start now? How about a photo record of your year with a loved one? Or something you can make or arrange with a personal touch that really requires a lot of thought?

Are there elements of what has made your holiday period good you can continue in some way? If you enjoyed reading, plan this into your life – how about starting a book club? If you have enjoyed exercising outdoors see if you can team up with others to keep it going. If you have enjoyed seeing new things, plan ‘mini’ breaks or days out so you always have things to look forward to. If you have enjoyed quality time with family or friends plan time in so that it happens, even if one evening a week you agree a TV, internet, mobile phone, tablet free zone & you spend that quality time together as you do on holiday.  If you have enjoyed trying new things how about seeing what classes are available to try?

We all have the capacity to create the life we want to live no matter what time of year it is and can be just as energised about autumn as Spring………………….if we choose to.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

With love

Jill x

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