We are very excited about the latest addition to our inspired range here at PinkBox Boutique.

We feel so very lucky to be able to introduce Bree Merryn to you. It was earlier this year when we met her and she was painting a wolf at the time. The thing that really caught us was the fact that in our mind’s eye we could hear this wolf breathing and we could see it’s hot breathe as it billowed out into the freezing cold night air. It felt like this picture was speaking to us.

As we moved around the studio, we were mesmerised by the other beautiful pieces on display. Each one, caught us and made us smile and as we got drawn into the portrait we could feel the animal or bird or insect or flowers and guess the stories behind each one. Every picture Bree paints has a character. She gets her inspiration from exploring the countryside around her and capturing special moments she sees on her camera. She then sets to work to bring her own interpretation of the character of her subject to the canvas.

Bree Merryn is based in Yorkshire. She is an acclaimed wildlife artist of some considerable standing but it’s only been over the last couple of years that she has made her work more accessible. Everyone can now own a piece of her work to display at home and we can pretty much guarantee that if you do, it will become a showstopper and talking point.

You’ll find a large selection of her work on our website and also on display in our shop in The Ginnel, just off the Market Place in the historic market town of Devizes, Wiltshire. If you find a portrait that you particularly like, or you think that someone special to you may also love, we are also going to be stocking her new range of beautiful notebook/journals and porcelain mugs.

So what about the wolf Bree was painting when we first met her? Well she explained to us that she usually names her characters by choosing a name that matches the first letter of the type of animal it was. She was struggling to come up with a suitable name beginning with ‘W’. It didn’t take me long to come up with Wilbur! We did bandy a few other names around but in the end, Bree liked Wilbur best! So Wilbur he is and he was named by PinkBox Boutique! It will be a while before he is available to buy but we already have our own canvas of him reserved….of course!

Have a look at this video to find out more about what inspires Bree Merryn and why we are so pleased to be part of her story!

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