10609414_921385784555689_3322626318130227713_nWell with all the birthday events of the last week I think my theme this week just has to be celebration!

Many congratulations to Kerry & her team for a successful & rewarding first year.

Pinkbox is the epitome of passion, vision, self-belief & determination, originally from one person i.e. Kerry, but now as her passion became infectious, her whole team share that passion which is why it has been so successful. Passion & enthusiasm are as infectious as doom, gloom & fear. Both can have a huge impact but look how positive the former can be………………………

I also reached a milestone birthday this week, I have been humbled & overwhelmed by the love & gratitude that has been bestowed upon me. Rather than keeping such birthdays quiet, I felt really fantastic celebrating 60 years of life and have amazing enthusiasm & passion for whatever is next to come in my life on this planet. To me celebrating life, which is precious, is one of the most important things to do.

One of my closest friends also reached 60 the same time as me. I relished letting her know how much she means to me & we enjoyed celebrating together.

The trouble is we often don’t do it often or automatically unless it is a specific event such as a birthday.

Knowing how uplifting it is to celebrate, I urge us all to try to celebrate small things every day. Gratitude is known to enhance well-being & lower stress. We are bombarded minute by minute with bad news each & every day which can become overwhelming & trigger unconscious negative energy. Making an effort to add gratitude & celebration just of living is a very effective antidote to the bad news world we live in.

I know things don’t always go well or right & life brings problems, ups & downs. Life is like that but it is how we react to the bad times which are the difference to our well-being . Regular gratitude helps keep the bad things in perspective.

Just getting together with friends is something to celebrate. Soon we will have Christmas upon us when there is widespread celebration. How about viewing Christmas gifts for friends in a new light – how about telling them before then why they are special to you in a very natural, authentic, personal way?

I have been celebrating my milestone birthday for a month now & don’t intend to stop any time soon!!!!!!!

With love

Jill x

And Finally….

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