Harriet had a bit of surprise this weekend when she set up for a weekend of Toddler Farmer shoots. Having built her set consisting of a rustic barn, some hay bales, a few eye catching brightly coloured flowers and the odd farming prop, she nipped back to greet her first clients and upon her return, found Dave strutting his stuff and posing. He was surprisingly natural, not in the least bit camera shy. Harriet couldn’t resist taking some shots of him working the camera like a pro!


Dave wasn’t the only one posing last week. We are currently out and about sourcing our Autumn/Winter collections and took Gracie, my Granddaughter, on one particular trip with us. She joined us around the meeting table as we discussed all things bags with the supplier. We had a cup of tea and the chocolate biscuits were offered. Both Harriet and I politely declined but Gracie jumped at the opportunity. These weren’t ordinary chocolate biscuits. These were posh, thickly coated chocolate biscuits. As we continued our conversations, Gracie set to work on her chocolate biscuit. I probably also ought to mention it was a very warm day (you know where this is going…..) Gracie was very good and very quiet – the wheeling and dealing went well…..and Gracie’s chocolate biscuit melted……..all over her hands and face! She cleaned up surprisingly well and then set to work selecting her choice of bags for the new season. She has pretty good taste – I don’t think we need to worry too much about succession planning for the future!


So we need to make room in our warehouse for the new stock that will shortly be arriving – there are lots of bargains to be had in our Online Boutique – check out our sale stock here:  http://bit.ly/1mehVdK

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