As I write, I can see bright yellow daffodils poking out between *whispers* the weeds in my garden (another job that needs doing). There is blossom puffing out of the otherwise bare branches of the trees around and about. That must mean that spring is here……and that must also mean that summer isn’t far away although my feet currently think otherwise!

Not only do my tootsies still feel the cold (hence why they still get covered in socks, slipper socks and any one of my legendary collection of fine fluffy slippers) but when I do venture to let them out of their warm wrappings, they really don’t look so good!!!  It won’t be long before hiding them away in my big winter boots just won’t quite match the lighter layers of my spring/summer wardrobe. It won’t be long before…… I have to get them out!!! So now is a good time to start paying some attention to them.

Whether you take your feet out for a salon pedicure or pamper them yourself at home, regular effort invested in caring for your feet will help reduce the risk of an embarrassing manky feet incident when things do warm up properly.

So clip those toe nails, use a good foot file to remove any hard/dry skin and use a moisturiser that keeps your feet soft and smooth.

Here at PinkBox HQ we really love Hive Originals’ Foot Cream. It comes in three gorgeous fragrances, Honey Original,Warming and Cooling.

As well as its bacterial healing qualities for minor abrasions, honey also provides a protective barrier and deeply moisturises the skin from its ability to attract moisture and lock it in. It also really helps with skin regeneration. Beeswax provides a long lasting protective barrier against the elements. Naturally nourishing as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant. So both of these ingredients are exactly what you need in an effective foot moisturiser.

In each of the three creams you will also find:-

Neem Oil – a powerful antibacterial & anti-fungal antiseptic oil great for nails.

Sweet Almond Oil – for soft, smooth and supple skin.

Shea Butter – which is great for moisturising, protecting and healing, especially dry and damaged skin.

Thistle Oil – which is high in Omega 6 and helps increase circulation to nails (especially good for brittle nails)

Aloe Vera Gel – known for its healing ability for blisters, sores and irritations and packed with many vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin E – nature’s classic anti-ageing ingredient which helps with the reproduction of new skin cells.

The Warming Foot Cream also includes Lavender Essential Oil (calming, soothing & relaxing), Rosemary Essential Oil (stimulating, invigorating, warming and refreshing) and Benzoin Essential Oil (light vanilla fragrance and great for dry, chapped/cracked skin and warming sore or tired muscles).

The Cooling Foot Cream has Bergamot Essential Oil which has a sweet fragrance and is deodorising and antiseptic, Tea Tree Oil which deals effectively with sweaty feet, fungal infections and has that distinctive clean and woody fragrance. Finally you’ll also find Peppermint Essential Oil in here which is cooling, refreshing and uplifting.

If other Foot Creams have left you underwhelmed, you should try Hive Originals. Choose a fabulous nail polish to finish off with and you’ll soon have feet to be proud of!

Take a look at the Hive Originals’ foot cream range here


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