At PinkBox we put a lot of thought into the products we sell and prefer working with smaller producers who are local to us here in Wiltshire. We love natural products and all of our Artisan Food Hall range is free of artificial colourings, flavours and preservatives and tastes amazing.

Which is why it is a great choice for stocking up for the Festive season, when, let’s be fair, we all indulge ourselves a little. We have a huge range of products that will be a delight to family and guests alike and they make interesting and appetising gifts too! Here are six Festive Food ideas to make your mouth water.

Jams & MarmaladesMerry Berry Jam

There is no better way to start a day than with toast or a croissant loaded with a delicious scoop of jam or marmalade. We have 10 great flavours that are perfect to spread any time of the year. The Orange & Ginger Marmalade from In A Pickle will warm up the coldest of mornings while their Lemon Curd will add a ray of sunshine to your baking – or straight out of the jar.

Chutneys & Pickles

We have an amazing range of flavours that will be the perfect accompaniment to cold meats, ploughman’s lunches, even the humble cheese butty. The Auntie Caroline range includes all manner of fruit and vegetable based chutneys – try the Bloody Mary that has a dash of real vodka in your bacon or sausage baguette. If you tire of runny mango chutney from the supermarket with your curry, the one from In a Pickle has a big helping of delicious mango, a pinch of spices and a sprinkling of nigella seeds. Quite simply the best we’ve found.

Oils Vinegars & CondimentsStainswick Farm Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rape Seed Oil - White Truffle

Whether it is cooking, drizzling or dressing we have a delicious range of oils and vinegars that will add that extra flavour to whatever you are preparing or serving. The Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rape Seed Oil Infused with Basil Oil from Stainswick Farm is a wonderfully versatile kitchen ingredient. Use it to flavour Mediterranean style bread, roasting or stir frying vegetables or the final touch over a tomato & mozzarella salad. Don’t forget the condiments either, our Lemon Chilli Pepper Grinder from Wiltshire Chilli Farm is sensational ground over chicken, fish or pasta.

Cordials & Beverages

When you decide you have had enough of mulled wine, Snowballs and Baileys style liqueurs or if you are trying to avoid all alcohol during the festive period, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on scrumptious and refreshing drinks Mr Fitzpatrick’s range of alcohol free ‘mocktails’ come in lots of tantalising flavours that you will remember in the morning – no matter how many you have. Their
Blood Tonic Cordial is what we call posh Vimto. It’s sure to be a hit with children, teenagers and adults with long and fond memories!

All Things ChilliSeven Hills 38% Costa Rican Milk Chocolate with Maldon Sea Salt

Admittedly not to everyone’s taste, chill has nevertheless become one of the essential flavour ingredients in any kitchen. It has so many uses that every cook should have some. In our food hall you will find sauces, oils, grinders, chutneys and jams that range from the fairly mild to the wickedly hot. There is even a Chilli & Lime flavoured chocolate for those with a sweet and spicy tooth.

Artisan Chocolate

While we’re on the subject of chocolate, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some and we’ve got plenty to tempt the choco-holic. There are buttons and bars in a scrumptious variety of flavours as well as the innovative ‘Spooner’ range from A-Lot-A-Choc. Cups of chocolate on a stick that are perfect to nibble or you can pop it into a big mug of warm milk for a Hot Chocolate to die for.

Just like Santa’s Grotto, our Artisan Food Hall is packed full of exciting goodies that will bring delight to all who enter. With so much to choose from, allow yourself plenty of time as, just like food itself, deciding is not a thing to be rushed.

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