Seven Hills handmade Artisan Chocolate available from PinkBox Boutique.

If you like chocolate, but have only experienced the mass produced big brand varieties then Easter is the perfect time to awaken your taste buds and enjoy sensational chocolate tastes and flavours that you could not have previously imagined from our handmade Artisan Chocolate range.
You might have thought, like many, that chocolate is just chocolate so what’s the fuss? But that is just like saying “coffee is coffee” and until you stepped inside one of the specialist coffee houses – which incidentally, seem to be completely taking over our high streets – then you probably had no idea of the range of coffees and ‘coffee plus other ingredients’ which are available.

Seven Hills Artisan Chocolate at PinkBox BoutiqueWith the imminent approach of Easter and chocolate eggs everywhere, we have been thinking about chocolate, which is something we do quite often at PinkBox Boutique, because we provide a superb range of chocolate choices, all lovingly hand made by local artisan chocolate companies such as; Seven Hills, A-Lot-A-Choc and we look forward to adding the fabulously named Lick The Spoon to our Artisan Chocolate range.

Coming soon to PinkBox Boutique.Chocolate is a very personal thing, with some people liking dark chocolate with its unmistakable, deeply intense taste, whilst others favour a more creamy milk chocolate variety.

Share the Chocolate Love with A Lot A Choc hand made artisan chocolate at PinkBox Boutique.And then there are the many flavours and textures. Some people like crunchy nuts, others favour contrasting additions like salt, coffee or even chilli, whilst others prefer fruit essences to complement and enhance the overall taste experience.

Seven Hills Basket (2014_06_09 16_53_25 UTC)Whatever type or taste of chocolate is your thing it should always be handmade chocolate in our view. We don’t sell ‘melt and pour into moulds’ chocolate. Our chocolatiers make their own exclusive blends of chocolate using only the finest ingredients – you won’t find any glucose syrup in our chocolate for example – and this is why we think our range is possibly the best chocolate made in the South West if not the UK!

The award winning Seven Hills Artisan Chocolate range is all hand made by our friend Nick Shearn, based just outside Bath in North Somerset and he creates a delicious range of tastes and textures to delight every palate.

From the deep and dark Ugandan with Roasted Cocoa Nibs, that has an intense earthiness and subtle smoky flavour to the rich, creamy and slightly surprising combination of Milk Chocolate with Cashews and Cranberries, there is something for all chocolate lovers.

_MG_0033 (2014_06_03 21_40_36 UTC)Seven Hills Artisan Chocolate handmade in Bath at PinkBox Boutique.So next time you are looking for an innovative gift for someone just to say “thanks” or “I appreciate you” or whatever … or if you simply want to indulge yourself for a change, then look no further than our fabulous handmade Artisan Chocolate range.

It really is time to ‘wake up and …taste the chocolate!’

If you have already bought some of our Artisan chocolate we’d love to know what you thought of it. We like to get feedback – good or bad – because it helps us to improve our service. We are trying to be the very best we can be and so all comments are gratefully received.

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