Where did last week go? Same place as the sunshine no doubt! Being a day shorter, last week rocketed past me at such speed I didn’t manage to get a new blog out – apologies for that.

Anyway last weekend was beautiful so an impromptu trip to Cirencester was planned. Not my idea but last summer, Chris and I had great fun (Wallace &) Gromit Hunting around Bristol. This year Cirencester are doing something similar but on a slightly smaller scale. There are currently 27 Hare’s dotted around Cirencester. Like the Bristol Gromits, they’ve all been decorated/themed, some by celebrities including local resident Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen and Countryfile’s Adam Henson. Over the next few weeks the number of Hares will increase to 40 5ft Hares and 30 more life size Hares.  The idea is that you pick up a map from the Tourist Information Centre and then search for each of the Hares whilst taking in the sights and sounds of Cirencester. Hare Hunting is thirsty work so it’s perfectly acceptable to stop off at one or more of the local coffee shops for a hot beverage and slab of cake….just to keep the energy up for all that walking. There is of course a serious side to this – Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are trying to raise funds to develop a walkway around the River Churn. Cirencester’s Hare Trail runs through the summer until 14th September 2014. You can find out more about herewww.cirencesterharefestival.org.uk/the-trail – I can highly recommend it!

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