PicMonkey-CollageB-300x300So another week flies by and boy have we been busy!! We’ve been up to Harrogate in search of gorgeous new products for our Boutique@Home, Shop & Support Boutiques and our Online Gift Boutique Autumn/Winter ranges and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what we found for you! New scarves, new jewellery, a new candle range, a very cute backpack range for our PinkBox Kids, fabulous leather purses…..more on all that over the next few weeks (we’re gonna keep you in suspenders for a while longer).

We weren’t the only busy ones this week – in fact, Yorkshire has been extremely busy over the last couple of weeks with the Tour de France Grand Depart and the Royal Yorkshire Show. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement of it all. The Tour may have been and gone but evidence of its happening can be found everywhere you look – they clearly had a brilliant time and put so much passion into their preparation and celebrations! Yellow painted bikes of all shapes and sizes can be found on street sides, roundabouts, hanging off buildings and hedges. Yellow, Green, White & Polka Dot T-Shirt Bunting draped over everything (and even yards and yards of hand knitted jersey bunting too!).

Hardraw Force, Huge Wensleydale Cheeses and one of the squillions of yellow bikes we saw!

All along the Tour stage which passed through the villages of Aysgarth and Hawes large bales of straw were cunningly disguised as huge truckles of Wensleydale Cheese – great advertising for the TV coverage. Those who know me well would know how excited that would make me…being the cheese fiend that I am. We couldn’t not then visit the Wensleydale Creamery – what an amazing place that is. Hugely generous cheese tasting followed by significant purchases of our favourite flavours (should keep me quiet for a few days) and the best cheese scones I’ve ever had. Well worth a visit if you are ever up that way. Another great stop was to visit Hardraw Force. Accessed through the totally brilliant Green Dragon Pub. For £2.50 each you can walk through the pub and follow the beautiful path round to the falls where Kevin Costner once showered whilst playing Robin Hood with Maid Marion (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) spying on him (well you can’t blame her really can you?).

On our way back, we found this sign – you have to appreciate the irony of it when you consider the content of the background of this picture. We decided the evidence spoke for itself and they probably weren’t joking!

PicMonkey-Collage2B-300x300The Buttertubs and real Yorkshire road graffiti!

We continued re-tracing some of the initial Tour stages (on four wheels not two) and found ourselves much amused by some of the road graffiti – most of it encouraging the likes of Froome, Cav and other favourites but also the odd play on Yorkshire dialect – the one far right made us chuckle! Finally we stopped off at the Buttertubs! So named because it is thought that local dairy farmers used these huge natural, deep, cool limestone chasms to store their butter in each night rather than carry them back up the very steep hills.  They are an amazing sight and frankly very scary! You can walk over part of them – one wrong step and it could get nasty tho. Not sure my photos show just how scary and dangerous they are – worth the vertigo hit I reckon.

So that was last weekend. Back to the office to prepare for all this new stock arriving! The weather has been amazing the last few days. We are looking forward to taking PinkBox Boutique to Cherhill Village Fete this weekend but the weather forecast says thundery downpours! Lets hope they are wrong!

Kerry X

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