We thought we’d start by introducing ourselves! PinkBox Boutique was born in October 2013. It was brought about by Mother & Daughter dynamic duo Kerry & Harriet (that’s us) who both live in Calne, Wiltshire. We decided to build on our passion for beautiful fashion accessories and all things sparkly, fragrant and tasty and our healthy inquisitiveness about the products we buy for pleasure, their production, their ingredients and benefits (for good or bad – there were some shocks for us along the way and an alarming obvious lack of awareness of just how horrid some products available to British consumers really are) , the quality and care (or not) that went into producing them and we became more and more interested in the stories of the people who made things that weren’t always available on the High Street.

Our other passion is service! Good service! Smiles, bows, wrapping, presentation, information and benefits! All things we now constantly strive to weave into everything that PinkBox Boutique does both visibly and behind the scenes at PinkBox HQ!

We are very proud of the quality of our product range! We currently work with three very talented, locally based in Wiltshire producers to bring you original products of truly fantastic quality. One of our first suppliers was the Wiltshire Chilli Farm and we now stock a good range of their chilli sauces, jams and their new scrumptious chilli chocolate. Then we met Anna Giles who agreed to design and hand make a beautiful range of exclusive jewellery for us. We were so impressed by her creativity and her attention to detail and we love everything she produces. If you buy from this range, it is highly unlikely that you will ever bump into anyone else wearing the same jewellery because she only makes a very few of each piece. Uniqueness at an affordable price! Then there is Claire Barker from Hive Originals. A local bee keeper who hand makes her own range of  beautiful skincare products using honey and beeswax from her own hives here in Wiltshire. Now both Harriet and I have tried pretty much most popular skincare ranges and reckon that Claire’s range is headed for bigger things! In our opinion it outperforms most of the High Street brands – really! Fortunately we’ve got her to agree that when she gets snapped up by a major department store, she will continue to produce an exclusive range just for us!

We’ll tell you much more about our local brands, the other fantastic brands we have in the pipeline for introduction in 2014 and introduce the rest of our special ranges to you over the next few blog entries! We also have some guest bloggers lined up to blog some really interesting articles so do follow us!

In the meantime take a look at our range of products in our Online Boutique or find out how you can host a ‘Boutique@Home’

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