For this week’s blog we thought we would pop over to the Wiltshire Chilli Farm just outside Melksham and see how Jamie is getting on with planting out this year’s Chilli crop! Our Wiltshire Chilli Farm range is produced using the finest of ingredients and the chillies they grow themselves. Jamie, the owner, describes his lovely business as a ‘hobby gone wrong’. Our roving reporter is Kev Gover (also known as The Chilli Hobbit and supplier of Chilli loveliness to PinkBox Boutique). Take it away Kev…….

Back in the day, those of old of us to know better would watch a madman on breakfast TV who would exhort us to jump about like a lunatic, in some kind of attempt to make us get fit, or at least to make us dunk biscuits in time to music.  His name was (and still is) Derrick Evans, but you may remember him better as Mr Motivator.

Now we don’t have a Derrick, but we do have a Jamie, and this week he has been our very own Mr Rotavator.  It’s the time of the season when all those lovely polytunnels, ignored over the long winter months, have to be prepared for the season’s chilli goodness.  So on the hottest day of the year so far (impeccable timing being our specialty) Jamie attacked the tunnels with as much gusto as could be mustered with a hangover and 40-degree temperatures.  And a fine job he made of it too, the soil was actually in great condition to turn over and the job – though hot work – was done in a day.  Unfortunately that’s only the first part of the preparation work – beds still have to be dug – but it’s a start.

Now I don’t want you thinking that I just sat there laughing and pointing at Jamie struggling away, whilst all I did was take a few snapshots.  I did help clear the rotavator blades of all sorts of string and garden wire that had become entangled – proof positive that all those years of clearing the vacuum cleaner of my daughters’ long hair was good practice for something.

Reaper-Chillis-very-hot-indeed._._-300x244The plants themselves are coming on in leaps and bounds.  Much discussion was going on between Jamie and his Dad regarding irrigation techniques, and if the weather holds up like it has done over the past few days that’s going to be a subject of continued debate.  Even on a nice April day the tunnels were nudging upwards of 40 degrees Celsius – that’s enough to melt hobbits, I can tell you.

I found the Reapers this visit.  They look…malevolent.  There’s something about the way they were just lurking in the corner, sort of glaring at me in a knowing way…I definitely had the feeling that some when, somewhere, I’m going to feel the full force of their many, many Scovilles.

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