PBB-HQ-x-600Over the years, people breeze in and out of your life. Some leave and you miss them….some leave and you are more than glad to see the back of them. Some stay for a just a short time and some become part of your life’s furniture. I met Jill in 2008 when I gave her a job working with me to build an exciting new department. She was bloomin good at what she did and a huge support to me during what eventually became a very difficult time for us all but she also left a mark on my life which totally changed my thinking about lots of things. Those changes made me stronger as a person and helped me learn how to deal with things in my life that I feel afraid of or unable to control. I’m not saying I am now able to breeze through life without any fears or challenges but I have learned to put them in perspective and that I can affect the impact and outcomes of the situations I find myself in if I change how I think about them. I have learned that we are all amazing people – how that manifests in your life depends on how you think and what actions you choose to take. I’ve asked Jill to share some of her thoughts on life with our PinkBox Boutique followers – I hope you enjoy them and find them thought provoking too! The pictures are a few I took last week on my travels! Kerry X

Hello! My name is Jill & I’m a friend of Kerry’s. I’m very honoured that Kerry has asked if I’d become the official ‘PinkBox’ blogger!!!
I asked Kerry why she asked me to do it & she used her usual charm to say that I’m far better at it than she is & also because she has experienced my ‘blogs’ & said that she’s seen how some of the things that I’ve written have helped her along the way. So how could I refuse?!!!

So who am I? Well someone who just has always had a passion for seeing people as individuals, teams, groups, communities, families etc. nurture & grow their own special individual & collective talents to become the very best that they can be. I’ve always been fascinated & inspired by the bigger picture & the interconnectedness of everything; and the fact that we as individuals are the only ones who are responsible for what we as individuals do, think, say & feel minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year. I’ve seen how people can become so frustrated by the fact that they feel that others have ‘made’ them do or feel something. Well sorry – we are all responsible for what we do, think, feel & say ALL of the time. In every moment we have a choice. That’s quite a responsibility but it’s also complete liberation.

Coate-600-xI therefore write about my thoughts on this & see where that takes me! I am not formally trained. I don’t give advice. I don’t follow a prescriptive ‘way’ or ‘teach’ I just share my observations, thoughts, experience & learning & aim to stimulate you to perhaps think about things a little differently. I have an innate passion for you to be the very best you can be. So back to Kerry. I’m so proud of her because she has listened to her heart & followed her own passion & dreams in setting up ‘PinkBox Boutique’ & that’s why I am honoured to do this ‘blog’ .  More on this & lots more over the coming weeks………………..

Until then I’ll leave you with this quote:

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’ Anne Frank.

With love


Pictures – Top: Muscovy Ducks enjoying the sunshine by the pond at PinkBox Boutique HQ

Middle:  Cotswold Water Park – Near Swindon

Bottom:  Falmer Pond – Near Brighton.

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