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Cooling Foot Cream
Warming Foot Cream
The cold plays havoc with your hands and just because this time of year your feet are usually hidden well away in the depths of warm socks and boots, don’t neglect them. We absolutely love our hand creams from Hive Originals. Made using the beeswax and honey from their own hives in Wiltshire, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Thistle Oil.  The hand cream comes in Honey Original and Lavender  fragrances at £12.50 each and the Extra Rich with beautiful Lemongrass Essential Oil version which also has Jojoba oil in it for £15.00. If you work outdoors, love gardening, keep horses or have extremely dry hands, this one is for you.  A little goes a long way with them all so just apply a small amount to your hands and gently massage in paying particular attention to your nails and cuticles as well. This cream will not leave your hands sticky and claggy, you’ll find it will sink straight in and leave your hands soft, smooth and gently fragrant for hours – the very best nature has to offer.
Pow-x-300-150x150Honey & Beeswax is naturally healing, soothing and moisturising. It creates a barrier of moisturiser which locks moisture in to your skin but still allows it to breathe.

You’ll find beeswax and honey in the Hive Originals Foot Cream as well. There is also Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil in here too.   It comes in Honey Original for Honey Original fans who love the almondy/marzipan scent, Cooling which contains Tea Tree and Peppermint oil to refresh your feet and Warming which contains Rosemary and Benzoin essential oils to relax and encourage circulation and hence the feeling of warmth. All the foot creams contain Neem Oil which penetrates deep into dry skin to moisturise the very driest of feet. Again, the creams all sink straight in so you won’t go sliding across the floor after you’ve applied it…… but you absolutely will have gorgeously soft tootsies…… with love from British Bees.


Facial-Oils-x-300-300x300Cold wind, central heating, winter bugs, lack of sun, poor diet/good diet all confuse the skin and can leave it dry, sore, blotchy and grey. We’ve recently discovered the Pink&Green Facial Oil Ritual which will sort you out. Containing only natural and organic ingredients this treatment kit is a real treat for your face. You get everything you need in the kit and full instructions. It’s really simple but very decadent – we’ve been enjoying our ‘me time’ recently and the results we’ve seen with these gorgeous products. There’s a different version for every skin type and at only £25.00 per kit, it really won’t break the bank either.



Don’t think all soaps are the same! They SO aren’t!

Our Isle of Mull Soap Co Soaps contain Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil and Essential Oils. There is nothing in them that will dry your skin out – just lots of lovely moisturising goodness. There’s a fragrance for everyone but we particularly love Hot Toddy and
Rosemary & Eucalyptus
when you need a morning pick me up or if you are feeling a bit pants and need some scent therapy.  Why not go the whole hog and try a bath in their Bath Salts (relaxing Lavender, romantic Rose, or Mull Heather) and did we mention they do a range of the best Lip Balms we’ve found. Completely natural, they come in 8 fragrances,  contain beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil, shea butter and castor oil, to keep your lips soft and kissable all year round.

Boom-x-300-150x150Clean Burning Candles

OK so not skin care but whilst you are treating yourself this winter you’ll probably be burning candles too but do you think about what you are burning and are you truly pleased with the candles you buy? Our new Seeking Balance Soy Wax Candles are flying out and we are really not surprised. Apart from the fact they have the best fragrance throw of any candles we’ve found, they also have amazing burn times, produce hardly any black soot and don’t fill your room with toxins like paraffin wax candles do. The other thing we love about this range is that they all have crackling wood wicks. You light them in the same way as cotton wick candles but then they crackle quietly in the corner – really lovely!  Our 6.5oz candles are £14.00 and last for an amazing approx 65 hours. We also do them in a pack of 3 votive candles, each of which last for approx15 hours and are only £8.00 a box. If you’ve tried these candles already, why not leave us review below?


Ooooh and one last thing we need to tell you is that they burn properly – no tunnelling and no wasted wax left down the sides of the jars – here is the one that the boss finished burning recently – we’ve never seen a candle burn so efficiently!







Natural Skin Care Gifts for friends and treats for you!

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