Well! What can I say? I was humbled by the lovely comments & messages that people left after my first blog – thank-you!

I have been pondering how I’d approach my blog & had vaguely planned subjects & topics to write about. I then thought that if I do a few in advance then Kerry would have a ‘stock’ of them to post.

That however didn’t feel quite right & so I didn’t write anything!

As the week progressed there were umpteen things in the news that provided a rich source of topics from war, conflict, peace, gratitude, success, winning and I found myself mentally writing them in my head on the way to work.

Two stories in the news this week however caught my attention. The first was the headmistress at a successful grammar school who wanted to ensure that the pupils did not have a sense of failure by always having to achieve 100% or straight ‘A’s or the best this or highest that. Instead she wanted to make ‘failing’ acceptable since it is very often from failure that we grow & learn. She also wanted her pupils to experience failure to see that it is not the end of the world.

The other story was one about happiness where a study had been carried out & concluded that if we set our sights lower, then we do not feel a sense of failure and when we do achieve or over achieve we are pleasantly surprised and therefore feel happier.

This triggered a lot of debate. So what about aiming high & setting stretching goals? Surely this is contrary to what we have mostly been encouraged to do? The Commonwealth Games were a prime example of this. Failure can be difficult to take. It hurts & on such a big public stage with such big expectations the sense of failure is exaggerated to an extreme.

T1831-Brulee-PT0578-Lime-PWe’ve all experienced failure in varying degrees and I agree that this is no bad thing. I believe this is how we learn & grow. It encourages us to take responsibility for what has gone wrong; to admit it, learn from it to be prepared to change how to approach something based upon the principle that we can only be responsible for changing ourselves.
I also feel that often we can put pressure on ourselves (and others) to be the perfect this or perfect that, and end up ruling our lives by ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ What is perfect anyway? It would be such a dull world if everyone and everything was ‘perfect’
Life is about discovery. How much fun has been taken out of going on holiday or going out for a meal or to see a show because of the detailed comparison sites and umpteen reviews? I agree that this can be useful but some of the best trips I have had were ones that we made up as we went along or chanced our luck with ‘allocation on arrival’
Children have an innate sense of discovery, awe & wonder. They learn from mistakes as no big deal! Sadly much of this is conditioned out of us. It’s never too late however to bring that back into our daily lives & see each new day or each new experience as a voyage of discovery; not be too fixed on the outcome and to re-frame ‘failure’ as a rich experience from which to learn.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow……..learn as if you were to live forever” Ghandi

Wishing you a week full of wonder & discovery.

With love
Jill x

PinkBox Boutique News!

T1650-Black-White-x-300This weeks images are sneaky peaks of our brand new jewellery range which we will be launching shortly! It’s a stunning range drawn from a wide range of natural materials, including resin, shell, wood, silk and freshwater pearls – the photos don’t do it justice really – the iridescent colours are truly mesmorising!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks at PinkBox HQ. We are starting to receive our new Autumn/Winter ranges so there is plenty to do to get it ready to show you! Am I allowed to say the ‘Christmas’ word yet? Well all our festive goodies are on their way now which is a good thing because some of our customers have already jumped in quick and booked their PinkBox Christmas Shopping Boutiques@Home already! If you fancy an opportunity to catch up with your friends and do your Christmas Shopping at the same time remember if you host a PinkBox Boutique we offer a £10 voucher as a thank you for booking us and then top that up with 10% of the equivalent value of sales from your Boutique which you can then spend on absolutely anything you like from our range! Christmas shopping for free – how fab is that? Just email us info@pinkboxboutique.co.uk (or send us a Facebook Message) if you would like further information.

Have a great weekend (we’re nearly there!) – Kerry XX



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