IMG_0933-300x225I just love this time of year. Chris and I have just come back from a week on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. It has become an annual pilgrimage largely because it is such a leap out of our usual busy lives. There is very little phone signal on the island, hardly any WiFi (Angus, our friendly host up at the Tobermory Campsite says the only fast fibre on Mull is All Bran) and hardly any people to have to share it with whilst you are there. There is however, a never ending supply of beautiful scenery and the most awesome collection of wildlife we’ve ever encountered. Mull never disappoints us.
IMG_0986-150x150Sadly 7 days later and after a 540 mile drive (which took us 14 hours including coffee stops and a 1 hr stop on the M74 whilst a nasty accident was dealt with) we arrived home. Actually, we unloaded the car, grabbed a cuppa, watched the start of Eurovision and then went straight out again to PBB HQ. We needed to reload for a Continental Market where we were due to spread some Wiltshire Chilli Farm loveliness to the good people of Salisbury the following day. I think we finally went to bed at just gone midnight that night. We had a great day in Salisbury – we have the most tremendous fun with our Chilli range, it’s something we are genuinely proud of.

After the market, we headed back to PBB HQ to unload (again – we seem to do this a lot!).  Not sure how we missed it first time around but this time, we noticed a new construct in the pond at the back. Upon further investigation, we found it contained a small brood of the cutest, fluffy ducklings. Instant meltage! Awwwwwwww!








The Ducklings                                                                                                              Dave – Mother Goose!

Some of you may already know about Dave the Goose. Now Dave has been a bit of a grump lately because nature seasonally reminds him that he doesn’t have a mate. He has form for bypassing the normal process of producing goslings (largely because we don’t have any lady geese for him to pursue) A few years ago, Dave kidnapped some Merganser ducklings which he then brought up as his own. Even to this day they follow him around and every now and then they think it’s great fun to both pile into him and occasionally we have to break up the subsequent fight (which is why they are known as Phil & Grant).

Anyway the arrival of the new ducklings has mellowed Dave and as expected, he reverted to caring mother mode and has officially adopted the new brood. He is an amazing Mum and those Ducklings will be very well looked after from here on in.

But the duckling are not the only new arrivals. We also have baby moorhens, little balls of black fluff on very long legs. There are tadpoles, some young hens and we have been joined by the upper class. Yes,  Mr & Mrs Barrington-Clough. Two very posh Orpington Chickens. They are truly magnificent birds, very good looking and they are, most definitely,  posh birds. Our Landlady said that she thinks Mrs Barrington-Clough (or Marjorie to her friends) is probably also a member of the WI.

So it’s all going on at PBB HQ. We are very lucky to be based where we are and we love it. Back to work now where today we have been excitedly preparing for our first Royal Bath & West Show. If you are planning to go, come and see us on Stand 412 in the Westridge Shopping Marquee right on First Avenue. The Royal Bath & West Show runs from Wednesday 27th May to Saturday 30th May – more information can be found HERE


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