You may have noticed our slightly cheeky post about our exciting new product – Poo Pourri! Well I sense that you guys may not be believing that it is a real product. I can assure you it absolutely is and it’s giving us no end of amusement here at PinkBox HQ! We were thinking that maybe our wise but sceptical customers might need some convincing about this one so gave some thought as to who would be best to road (load?) test and review it for us. It didn’t take us long. Given their chosen careers we decided it was a no brainer and asked our chums down at Wiltshire Chilli Farm to give it a go. Kevin (AKA the Chilli Hobbit) became our willing volunteer so here we are proud to present ‘the thoughts and musings of the Chilli Hobbit on our new Poo Pourri’ – take it away Kev! …

“Think it don’t stink?  Well, think again…

There comes a time in every gentle-hobbits life when a little rain must fall.  And that moment comes a few hours after the consumption of my fiery foodstuff of choice – that of course is the humble chilli.

Now a diet consisting largely of chocolate, crisps and pasty-based nonsense isn’t really conducive to the healthy passage of used food, but in the case of yours truly a relatively active lifestyle spent cooking and selling the Wiltshire Chilli Farms fantastic products has led to a pretty healthy routine.  But, of course, I am somewhat fond of the stuff I sell – even though I know what it’s likely to do to me.

No rigid timescales can be placed on things, but I know that at some point in the hours following a highly chillied meal, there will be rumblings.  And I’m not talking about mild, it-can-wait-till-half-time type rumblings…good grief no.  This is likely to be the full Krakatoa, house foundation threatening, 7.9 on the Richter scale, danger to shipping type affair – complete with sound effects that would grace any monster movie.  Now given that I live on my own I can handle all of these things with aplomb – indeed I have been known to sit there giggling insanely at the onslaught going on beneath me.

However, the one thing that I cannot escape the effects of – and that I would really like to banish – is the pong.  It’s an inescapable fact that poo honks, no more so than one livened up by all things jalapeño and habañero.  So it was with some interest that I heard about the curative effects of Poo Pourri, the latest wonder product sold by PinkBox Boutique.

The theory is that a spray of this little baby into the bowl prior to opening the bomb bay doors will provide a layer of oils on the water that will trap noxious odours under the surface.  It sounds unlikely, but does it work? 

Well, bizarre as it might sound, it does.  There is definitely a vast improvement in the pong escapement factor. You can ditch the  ‘Police Line – Do Not Cross for the next few hours’ tape. The worst of the stink is kept locked up in a watery Alcatraz, safely hidden behind essential oil bars in its own little prison, ready to be flushed away.  Remarkable.

So, would I endorse the product?  Unreservedly yes – it’s a simple yet elegant solution to a problem that besets us all. 

And if you still think your poo don’t stink…I have news for you… “


Convinced? Poo Pourri comes with an unconditional stink free guarantee so do yourselves a favour, don’t be shy and order some here!


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