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Chef Bernie's Banana Ketchup

Chef Bernie’s Banana Ketchup


Artisan Food Hall by PinkBox Boutique - a range of exciting food products produced mostly by smaller producers, many based in Wiltshire. The range is based on natural products - we prefer no artificial colours, ingredients or preservatives.Mild.

Chef Bernie can tantalise your taste buds with this scrummy Banana Ketchup. Bring to life your food with this versatile fruity yet spicy Ketchup! Splash on your sausages, bang on your burgers, cascade on your curries & pour on your pancakes. Even add to your vanilla ice cream for a novelty idea!

If you don’t like hot chilli sauce, this is one of the mildest of Chef Bernie’s.

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PinkBox Boutique met the talented Chef Bernie at a Chilli festival and were blown away by his amazing sauces bursting with flavour! We’re really pleased to have him in our artisan food family.

Banana Ketchup Ingredients:

Bananas (min 62%), water, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, Demerara sugar, powdered ginger, lemon juice, clove, nutmeg, turmeric.

Vegan, wheat and dairy free ranging from mild through to blow your head off hot!

100g or 250g

After opening keep in fridge and consume within one month.

Sauces made in small batches at Chef Bernie’s in Southampton.


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