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Spicentice Dried Naga Ghost Chilli
Spicentice Dried Naga Ghost Chilli

Spicentice Dried Naga Ghost Chillies


The Ghost Naga is a chilli legend! Not the hottest chilli in the world but right up there with the bad boys! Dried Ghost Nagas packed whole in a re-sealable pot.

Ghost Nagas are very hot so use sparingly!  Chop a very small amount into a curry or chilli. Add to marinades and dressings. Despite the heat, when used in small amounts, this chilli has a fantastic flavour.

Not for Children – Handle Carefully – Keep away from bare skin, eyes and pets!


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Spicentice Dried Naga Ghost Chillies

Ingredients: 100% Pure Naga Ghost Chillies

Warning! Use with extreme caution. Handle with gloves and eat with caution!  Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for under 16s.


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