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Chilli Gifts - Dark Habanero (the new name for Chocolate Habanero)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm Dark Habanero


Pretty darn hot sauce!

Dark Habanero is made with Chocolate Habaneros  which look just like chocolate…..full of flavour but wickedly hot! It’s not strictly speaking a chocolate sauce but there is a smidge of raw cacao in here which really brings the flavour out. You get a gorgeous rich flavour first. Some may wonder where the heat is….then just as you think it’s a wimp of a sauce the heat grabs you by the throat and it hangs around for a while. Perfect for warming up a beef stew or a madras style curry……if you like hot and rich flavour you can pretty much use this in everything.

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The Wiltshire Chilli Farm Dark Habanero



Dark Habanero Ingredients:-

Chocolate Habanero (40%), cider vinegar, tomato, brown sugar, raw cacao, salt, spices.

Shake well before use.

Refrigerate once opened and use within 6 weeks.

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