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God Slayer (very, very, very very, hot chilli sauce)

God Slayer (very, very, very very, hot chilli sauce)


This is the bad boy of our chilli sauces from the Wiltshire Chilli Farm. They always say, the smaller the bottle, the scarier the sauce. That is correct from our experience.

This particular chilli sauce is not for the deeply religious or easily offended. Whilst it isn’t actually designed to be offensive, you can’t really miss the swear word on the front of the bottle. It’s the word we hear most often when people try this sauce for the first time to be fair.

In spite of it’s undeniable heat, it actually has an incredible flavour base. Tomato & Garlic, some Honey Bourbon & lime, a dash of ghost chilli and a dose of chilli extract of 6.4M scovilles (that is very hot indeed). So hot? Yes I should cocoa….but it also tastes amazing.

Pop a bottle in your pocket to try on your mates or use it to cook with. Use the handle of a teaspoon to drop tiny amounts in – you can always put more in, but you can’t take it out and way too hot just isn’t much fun is it?

In terms of heat, it will smack you in the chops pretty much straight away, then build some more. As the heat subsides, a veritable taste explosion will occur in your mouth which we found just leaves you wanting more.

Hours of endless fun.


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God Slayer

Warning – Hot Sauce – use as a food additive only.

Ingredients: Tomato, cider vinegar, honey bourbon, garlic, lime, ghost chilli, red chilli, 6.4M chilli oleoresin, salt, herbs.


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