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Thai Green Curry

Spicentice Thai Green Curry Spice Kit


Selected and carefully blended by Spicentice, this spice kit contains all you need to be able to create your own taste sensation. This selection is for Thai Green CurryEverything you need to make a delicious Thai Green Curry for up to 4 people. Just add the fresh ingredients.

You’ll find instructions and a recipe on the packaging so you really should give it a go!

Spicentice Tips:

Serve with…….Jasmine rice or oodles of noodles. Equally tasty made with veggies instead of chicken. It is said that throwing away food enrages the Thai ‘God of Rice’, so eat up!

Gluten Free

  •  Sugar & Salt Free
  •  100% Pure Herbs & Spice
  •  Paleo Friendly
  •  Vegetarian & Vegan










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Ingredients:  Ground Lemon Grass, Ground Galangal, Ground Kaffir Lime Leaves, Ground Cumin, Ground Coriander, Lemon Grass, Kaffir Lime Leaf.


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