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Wiltshire Chilli Farm Naga Chilli Sauce

Wiltshire Chilli Farm Naga Chilli Sauce


The latest spanking flavour from The Wiltshire Chilli Farm is a hot one!  Naga Chilli Sauce is a bit hotter than was originally planned for but if you love Sriracha, you are going to love Naga Chilli Sauce.

As the name suggests, packed with Naga Chillies and Garlic, it’s tangy, firey and hot. It sits between their Dark Habanero and Reaper Habanero sauces on the heat scale – so it really is rather pokey! Although it sits in the Extreme end of the scale, it does come in the large bottle size! (Yippeeeee).

Use it in your stir fries, with rice dishes, to dip your chips or popadums in or anything else that needs a jolly good chilli kick!

Gluten Free and Vegan

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Wiltshire Chilli Farm Naga Chilli Sauce



Naga Chilli (60%), Cider Vinegar, Water, Muscovado, Garlic, Salt.



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