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Wiltshire Honey
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Wiltshire Honey


The Wiltshire Bee Centre is owned and managed by bee-farmers with a combined experience of 40 years beekeeping, both here and Australia. Terry & Fi’s bees are scattered throughout the north of Wiltshire, where possible on organic or natural pasturelands. We chose to sell their honey but they also promote education of the honeybee, her environment, her importance and struggles and can often be found in our local schools and organisations. We regularly bump into Terry & Fi at local events we attend and are always fascinated by their beekeeping knowledge and demonstrations.

Clear or Set? Nutritionally there is little difference. So your preference will be down to whether you like yours clear and runny or soft and fudge-like. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. They are both delicious!

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Wiltshire Honey



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