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Whisky Cocktails Soap in Tin
Rusty Nail Whisky SoapDandy Sour Whisky SoapThe Manhattan Whisky SoapThe Rob Roy Whisky Soap

Whisky Cocktails Soap in a Tin


We think this Men’s Grooming range is very special indeed. Fabulous triple milled luxury soap that will leave your favourite whisky appreciator soft and fragrant.

The Dandy Sour is blended with notes of lemon and elderflower with black pepper, jasmine and patchouli.

Rusty Nail is the fragrance of honey, herbs and spices and cedarwood.

Manhattan is a blend of orange peel and angostura berries, benzoin and amber.

The Rob Roy is a clever blend of Sweet Vermouth and Maraschino Cherries, Patchouli and Amber.

These lovely tins of soap would make a trendy gift.


Whisky Cocktails Soap in a Tin


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Dandy Sour, The Rob Roy, The Manhattan, Rusty Nail


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