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Kissglove Exfoliating Glove
Discover the key to healthy skin and revolutionise the way you exfoliate.The Kissglove Exfoliating Glove visibly removes dead skin cells - follow instructions for use for best results.

Kissglove Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove

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white kissgloveIf you want to experience ultra soft skin, we’ve discovered something that will really help with that. Kissglove creator, Monya, has spent much time in Morocco. She explained that exfoliating gloves are commonly referred to as a ‘kiss’ in Morocco and have been used for centuries by men & women to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

She has replicated the unique Moroccan ‘Kiss’ in creating her Kissglove™ which will treat your skin whilst also protecting it. Its fascinating to watch it remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. See the Kissglove demonstration video link below.

We do believe that the Kissglove is no ordinary exfoliating glove. You will find that it removes deep impurities, tan build-up and encourages the flushing of toxins. You’ll also find that your favourite body moisturiser will work so much more effectively, you’ll give treatments the chance to work harder for you and if you use tanning products exfoliating with a Kissglove will help with a more even application and last longer.

Your Kissglove will:-
  • Visibly remove dead skin to reveal younger, fresher, brighter looking skin
  • Smooth & prepare your skin for sunless tanning
  • Improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite with regular use
  • Removes and prevents ingrowing hairs
  • Remove tan build up and smooth the skin in preparation for fresh applications
  • Significantly reduce keratosis pilaris (skin bumps)
  • Help you feel energised as you massage away fatigue


Soak in the bath or allow hot water to cascade over you in the shower for around 5 minutes to let the steam warm your skin and open up your pores. Important: Your bath water should be clear – do not add any products to your bath water or to your skin at this point. The Kissglove needs friction to work and your lovely bubbles or soap will stop it from working effectively.

Wet the Kissglove and wring out the excess water. Sit up from the bath water or stand in the shower away from running water. Use a long circular motion to rub your skin using enough pressure to see dead skin cells emerge and roll away. Repeat this action on all parts of the body, avoiding the face. Rinse well and finish with your favourite shower or bath product.

Note: Skin may appear red during or after use. This is due to increased circulation. This is normal and any redness will quickly subside.

Discover a new way to promote healthy skin and revolutionise the way you exfoliate!


See the Kissglove   You Tube demonstration video HERE


CARE: Wash the Kissglove with water. Allow to dry and store in a dry place until next use.

CAUTION: Do not use on areas of the body where the skin is broken or irritated. Not recommended for use on the face. Not recommended for use on young children.



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