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Cheeky Glass Nail File
A glass nail file will give you a nice smooth even sealed edge and help to prevent splitting and peeling weak nails. This one comes in four colours, peach, blue, lilac and aqua and each has a cheeky phrase on it. For stronger nails, order yours from PinkBox Boutique.

Cheeky Glass Nail File with Case


So why use a glass nail file? If you have weak nails that constantly peel or split, read on!

If you use a traditional emery board nail file, they leave your nails vulnerable to chipping and peeling because if you were to look under a microscope at the finish of your nails after using one, you would see that it leaves the edges of your nail rough and raw along the edges. Your nails can then soak up moisture and make them split and peel.

A glass nail file will give you a nice smooth even sealed edge. The other benefits of a glass nail file are:-

  • Reduces the chances of discoloration at your nails edges
  • More hygienic – just wash it under a tap, then dry thoroughly and you are good to go again.
  • They can last a life time if you look after them (they will break if you drop them on to a hard surface)
  • Reduces peeling and splitting dramatically
  • Doesn’t matter which way you file your nails you cannot damage them with a glass nail file
  • Seals the edges of your nails, molding the keratin layers of your nail plate together, creating more strength
  • Suitable for both natural and acrylic nails

This range comes with a handy hard case to keep your nail file safe and clean. Use in conjunction with our Beeswax Intensive Care Hand Balm to keep your nails and cuticles in great condition.

Choose from the following colours & designs:-

Lilac – Too Busy Being Beautiful

Aqua – Amazing Nails Never Fails

Blue – Hello Gorgeous

Peach – It’s Not Easy Looking This Good



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Approx Measurements:

Nail File: 14cm

Case: 15cm

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Weight 0.030 kg

Blue, Peach, Lilac, Aqua


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