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Wiltshire Chilli Farm Chilli Preserve Gift Set
Mild Chilli JamHabanero Gold JamA moderate chilli jam packed with cranberries. Great with camembert or brie, cold meats. venison, duck and tuna.Fireside Jam - Wiltshire Chilli Farm

Wiltshire Chilli Farm Chilli Preserve Gift Set


A fabulous gift idea all year round. Chilli Jams are one of our best sellers. Fabulous for your cheeseboard, cold meats, wraps or for using as a glaze for chicken, steak, fish or pork.

In heat order they go:-

Mild – sweet with lots of sweet peppers (quite a sweet & sour taste)

Habanero Gold – sweet, apricot based – goes well with pork or chicken.

Cranberry Kick – packed with cranberries – perfect with Brie, Camembert, ham and chicken/turkey. An exciting replacement for the usual Cranberry Sauce on the table Christmas.

Fireside – apricot based with apple, dates and goji berries. The hottest of the jams but not ‘blow your head off’ territory. Goes beautifully with a strong cheddar or blue cheese.

Remember if you put any of these jams with cheese, it will take the heat down a little.


Wiltshire Chilli Farm Chilli Preserve Gift Set

Choice of 2 x 227g jars of Wiltshire Chilli Farm Chilli Preserve presented in a Wiltshire Chilli Farm branded Gift Box.


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Mild & Habanero Gold, Mild & Cranberry Kick, Mild & Fireside, Habanero Gold & Cranberry Kick, Habanero Gold & Fireside, Cranberry Kick & Fireside,


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