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Capri Magik Candle by Busy Bee Candles
Magik Candles by Busy Bee CandlesMagik Candle Base Station by Busy Bee Candles with Replaceable Bulb. You will need to purchase a Base Station separately to be able to use Magik Candles.

Capri Magik Candle by Busy Bee Candles


Fragrance Description: A beautiful scent of a warm paradise. The Island of Capri is a jewel in the Mediterranean and this scent reflects it well. Featuring top notes of tart Japanese grapefruit, fresh Osmanthus and dew laden watercress followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine and cassis. This wonderful scent is grounded in deep base notes of fresh amber and myrrh. A truly romantic, spa type scent bringing the warmth of Capri to your home anytime!

it makes us think of going on holiday!  You can control the brightness and fragrance throw of this Magik Candle using the dimmer on the Base Station (available separately here)

This is a ‘wickless’ candle for use only with the Busy Bee Base Station.

Magik Candle® is truly unique. A scented candle with no flame, no wick, no fuss yet incredibly highly scented and offers incredible fragrance in your home for an unbelievably long time.

it’s sustainability! You’ll get around 200 hours fragrance time from one Magik Candle. As there is no wick, the wax will not burn away so you can revive your candle by adding a few drops of Refresher Oil. Refresher Oils can also be used in oil burners or to revive Pot Pourri.

We’ve made a video for you to learn more about how to use your Magik Candle – find it below!


Capri Magik Candle by Busy Bee Candles

CAUTION: All parts of Magik Candle® become hot during use. Switch off and allow to cool before touching any part of Magik Candle®. Keep away from children and pets during use.

We sell replacement bulbs for the base station here

Instructions for Use: Simply place your Magik Candle® over the Electric Base Station and switch on. Turn the control dial to maximum brightness/heat for around 30 minutes until all the wax inside the Magik Candle® has liquefied and the candle is hot then turn down the dial to your desired brightness/fragrance strength. The higher your heat setting, the shorter the fragrance time of Magik Candle®.  No wicks to trim, no soot (ever!), no wax to pour out and a totally amazing fragrance for your home for hour after hour.

If you do want to refresh your Magik Candle, we recommend refreshing it with the same fragrance to avoid spoiling or tainting the original fragrance.

Watch our video and learn more about Magik Candles!

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Magik Candle, Refresher Oil


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