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Proceeds from the slae of this candle benefit the Apis m. Foundation. Root Candles Honey Blends - this variation is for Sugared Honey.
Root Candles Honey Blends

Root Candles Honey Blends – Brewed Honey


There are 6 stunning honey fragances in this brand new range from Root Candles  – we are absolutely delighted to welcome Honey Blends to PinkBox Boutique!

Pure and natural beeswax blended with unexpected honey fragrances containing essential oils for a sensory experience beyond what nature intended. Crafted by America’s first family of beekeeping, honey all-natural beeswax producing the highest quality candles.

Brewed Honey – Bright notes of Bergamot and citrus with Meyer lemon highlight the notes of tea from bees that pollinate citrus groves and tea varieties. The abundance of the sugar in the honey blended with the tart lemon leaves subtle notes of milky vanilla.

Choose from a very giftable 13oz jar which comes in a attractive box and boasts a burn time of up to 80hrs or a votive which will give off its gorgeous honey scent for around 20hrs (don’t forget to always burn your votives in a glass holder for maximum burn times and burn efficiency)


Find out more about the history of Root Candles HERE

For added peace of mind, every Root candle wick is carefully designed to self-extinguish. However, it’s important that you trim your wick to 1/2 cm from the top of the candle before each use.

And remember:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Never burn a candle near anything flammable
  • Keep burning candles out of reach of children and pets
  • Store candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid burning your candle in a draft to minimize smoke
  • If your candle is burning unevenly, simply move the extinguished wick to the center with spoon
    handle while the wax is still soft.
  • Although candles may smell like food, they are not edible

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13oz Glass, Votive


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